Introducing the new tastes of New Zealand

In April 2018, a delegation of leading international chefs visited New Zealand farms and restaurants as part of an innovative initiative designed to showcase lamb, beef and venison. Chefs from the UK, Hong Kong and New Zealand, along with international food media, toured South Island farms and visited premium restaurants as part of the Pure South Discovery Series organised by leading food company Alliance Group.


Michael Wignall, Renee Miller and Simon Hulstone of the UK, and Jim Lofdahl and Silvio Armanni of Hong Kong, were among the international chefs who attended the event. One of the world’s leading food bloggers, Dubai-based Kiwi Zoe Bowker, who has 46,000 Instagram followers, and Wilson Fok, of Hong Kong’s Tatler Dining, also joined the delegation.


The chefs’ skills were put to the test at two public events at Chillingworth Road restaurant in Christchurch and at Jack’s Point restaurant near Queenstown. Over both evenings, guests experienced a selection of products in Alliance’s range such as Pure South HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef, SILERE alpine origin merino, TE MANA LAMB and Pure South Cervena venison.

SILERE Alpine Origin Merino™

The exquisite flavours of Merino have, until now, been a well-kept secret held by the guardians of the land on which merino graze. Dusky red, well-marbled with a succulent fine grain, appealing density and clean finish, SILERE merino is Taste. Elevated.

“We’ve got texture & flavour differences. The well developed flavours make it more versatile to use.”
HANDPICKED 55 Day Aged Beef

Hand-selecting the very finest marbled beef was not enough: we chose to elevate its flavour, tenderness and succulence with extreme ageing – no less than 55 days. You can have absolute confidence in the consistency, quality and popular taste of this extremely limited production, super premium quality.

“What an eating experience – It just melts in the mouth and has such a unique flavour for grass fed beef.”
Cervena venison

From pasture raised young New Zealand deer, Cervena has a refined richness and subtle sweetness. The deer are raised stress-free resulting in a buttery tenderness that melts in your mouth.

“The savoury, the sweet, the summer or fall, Cervena is freedom at its purest.”

A new breed of sheep, grazed on chicory and selected for its unique fat properties, TE MANA LAMB doesn’t behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. TE MANA LAMB retains its shape and texture better and is extraordinarily tender.

“I never dreamed you could make a dish like this with lamb. The flavour is incredibly subtle.”
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